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Hudson Mobile Marketing Solutions LLC

Getting Started With Mobile Marketing:

Consumer use of mobile devices, smartphones in particular, is set to pass PC usage by the year 2014. But as a business owner, you can\'t wait until then to get started meeting the demands of your mobile device users.  

We Are Helping Business Owners Use Mobile Marketing To Their Advantage Mobile Marketing will provide you with an excellent opportunity to meet your prospects and customers on their terms. 

Basically, you have the chance to interact with them not only on their PC, but also on their mobile device. Consumers Worldwide Have Adopted Mobile Phones and Other Technology, You can probably tell just by observing the people coming in and out of your business that mobile computing is here to stay. 

Just take a look at the people that are walking around inside of your location. Many of them probably have their mobile device close by, using it to talk to friends and family or to do research on the Internet. 

This is Why You Need to Incorporate Mobile into Your Marketing Now. 

(1) QR Codes Marketing increases revenue opportunties from print ads and product packaging. One challenge that companies routinely have is getting their customers to make the decision to visit their website when they add it to a print-ad or product packaging.

(2) Mobile Coupons Marketing are most helpful because they give customers the opportunity to take advantage of special offers without having to go through extra steps in order to redeem them. Customers do not have to clip the coupons, print them or remember to bring them to the location. 

(3) The Marketing Benefit of SMS, Companies that use SMS in their business are basically able to build another way to contact their customers with special discounts and premiums. And the true marketing benefit of being able to use SMS is that text message based conversation that happens in real time. 

(4) How to Keep Mobile Users Engaged, While the technology is changing rapidly, there are still some best practices that small businesses are using successfully to give their mobile users a customized experience. Much of what they do takes place in the mobile setup and design process. 

But there are also some things that they do on an ongoing basis to engage their customers.  If you adopt three of these practices in particular, they will help you to create experiences that will make mobile users want to spend more time and money with you.

Our Services:

Here are some of the fantastic services we offer:

  • Mobile Website Design & Development
  • Custom Mobile Marketing Centers
  • Mobile Appointment Reminder
  • Mobile Website Maintenance
  • QR Codes Marketing
  • Mobile Coupons
  • SMS Marketing

Darryl Hudson Founder/CEO of Hudson Solutions LLC

Darryl Hudson is the Founder and CEO of Hudson Solutions LLC.

Hudson Solutions LLC is premiere local marketing company located in Northeast Georgia, specializing in mobile marketing.

 From Mobile Website Design & Development to Small Businesses Mobile Marketing Centers. 

Hudson Solutions LLC has been in business since 2008 providing innovative marketing, advance technologies and todays business solutions while increasing small businesses ROI and lowering their overall marketing expenses. 

We pride ourselves in helping local businesses get more customers by using mobile marketing strategies to enhance the marketing they’re already doing.    

Our Promise | Our Commitment | Our 100% Guarantee 

We are committed to providing World Class Products and Services that meet or exceed our customers and clients expectations thats our 100% guaranteed or your money back no questions asked.

Call us today at 770-572-4002


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4543 Oak St,

Contact Information:

Tel: 770-572-4002


Hudson Solutions LLC. is your one stop shop for all internet relates services. We specialize in Mobile Web Design & Mobile Marketing.